Sunday 10th NOVember
2pm - 5pm

Lecture Theatre B,
James Graham Building,
Headingley Campus,
Leeds Beckett University
Churchwood Avenue
LS16 5LF

About Our Events

In December 2018 we launched the #TRAINBRAVE campaign in London, with more than 150 runners, cyclists, coaches, clubs and health professionals in attendance. You can find out more about the event here.

We are now launching a series of #TRAINBRAVE events across the UK. First up was Cambrdge in February 2019, with over 65 people attending our event in Cambridge.

Next up was a second event in London, with around 100 people joining us at London City Runners clubhouse, who provided their venue so that this event can be completely free to attend. We’ve also been to Oxford, Manchester, Bath and Durham… so far!



At these completely free events you will hear stories from athletes, coaches and clinicians on their experiences with RED-s and eating disorders within endurance sports at all levels, from youth to recreational to elite.

We will also discuss what challenges endurance sports face, why prevalence is so high, and the focus will be on creating a discussion to understand:

  • What are the main causes/pressures that lead athletes developing RED-S?

  • What are some of the warning signs and symptoms of RED-S?

  • What are some of the barriers that stop athletes seeking help?

  • What steps can athletes take to ensure they are not overtraining and under-fuelling?

  • What support can be provided by coaches, clubs and health professionals to reduce the prevalence of RED-S?

We believe coming together, sharing knowledge and listening to each other is the key to creating a more open environment in which everyone can enjoy competing and training in swimming, cycling and running in a healthy, sustainable way.


Would your club, university or business like to host a #TRAINBRAVE event?

We would love to put on more events across the UK to raise awareness of RED-s and eating disorders within sport, and to educate and train coaches and athletes on the risks, warning signs and treatment.

Please do get in touch using the contact us link below!